Crikey...Its Turkey Time again!!

For a Fab Christmas turkey order yours NOW from Gracemire farm!!

We are the 3rd generation of turkey farmers at Gracemire Farm, and we like to think we know a thing or two about producing a great turkey!! Here is our recipe for that perfect turkey....

Perfect Turkey Check List (click a link below for more detail.)
Hand reared
Plenty of natural light
Wheat based feed
A large sprinkling of Straw bedding
Oodles of room to roam
Hung for 10 days
Hand finished
Highest Standards of welfare


The birds are oven ready, with giblets, and can be collected from the farm on the
23rd and 24th December.

To order call Richard or Fran on 01772 690377

A Happy Turkey = A Tasty Turkey = A very Merry Christmas !!